7 Quotes That Bring Instant Calm

When a major life event occurs, we can feel as if we are in an unending storm. A calm centre can be hard to find. Equally, many people struggle to feel calm in daily moments. Parents struggling with frustration,  customer service employees finding it hard to manage difficult customers and dealing with daily hassles such as peak hour traffic are just some examples of what can shift us from calm to stress. At these times it can help to turn to the wisdom of others.

There is something calming about wise words. These words tell us that people before us have shared our struggles and have looked for solutions. These words tell us that others have found a path when they were lost or an anchor in the storm of life. To read more click the link.

7 Quotes That Bring Instant Calm

Author: Nadene van der Linden

Science based tips from Nadene van der Linden, Clinical Psychologist. No miracles just tips that work. For more join the Unshakeable Calm facebook group today or join my mailing list.

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